Saturday, September 25, 2010

EMAIL SCAM 9.25.2010

The following link is a copy of an email scam that I received today in my inbox. Typically, I disregard these faulty mass emails but I decided to further investigate this one. How is the writing so powerful that my own friends are believing it? Lets take a look.



First of all, by the use of 1,005 explanation marks and extended letters in words- it just looks amateur. There is no professional stamp or format to it whatsoever.


They start off by crediting the whole idea to "a good friend named Pearlas Sandborn". The only thing that they state is that she "really is an attorney" which sounds sketchy in itself. They give no supporting explanation to why we should believe this person in her theory that Bill Gates will pay us 10,000 if we forward an email.


I do give her that she does use persuasive language. She plays in the guilt factor when stating "you will repent later if you ignore this". It is almost threatening. She also pokes at the fact that by forwarding an email, what do we really have to lose? Whether the content is true or not, she uses the style of repetition. "This is the law, this is for real" is repeated on more than two occasions.

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